Fr. Joseph Post V.F.


Pastor of IC Parish since summer 2014.
Loves how balanced and active this parish community is and how tangible and genuine the parishioners are. It is a great community to belong to.

Deacon Jerry Becker

Parish Deacon

Deacon Jerry entered life as a Deacon in 2003 and has served as Immaculate Conception's first Deacon since.  He is also the head of our Parish School of Religion program.
Deacon Keith Henderson

Permanant Deacon

Kathy Arens

Business Manager

Kathy joined Immaculate Conception Parish after marrying her husband, Bob, who has been a lifelong parishioner.  She have grown to know many people in the community and enjoys working here to serve everyone that has welcomed her so wholeheartedly.

Khloé Getman

Youth Minster

Khloé is a life long member Immaculate Conception  Her family, education, and Faith are rooted in this Parish community.  She has a passion for working with youth and strengthening their relationship with Christ.